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Old Parkonians Club Welfare Policy

Updated: August 2022

Definition of a child: A child is an individual who is 18 years and under.

Definition of abuse: Generally child abuse can be defined in the following ways: emotional and/or sexual abuse, severe neglect and physical injury.

Contact person: When abuse is suspected, observed or notified, an individual must in the first instance inform the Old Parkonians Football Club Welfare Officer (CWO) Kris Wharton: 07531404160 and

The CWO, in consultation with the Club Chairmen, will decide on the next course of action and whether or not to involve social services.

Indication that a Child may have been abused:

-A physical injury e.g. bruises, scratches, teeth marks, and burns especially if the child cannot adequately explain justifiable reasons for such injuries;

-Lack of motivation, interest and general decline in enthusiasm;

-When a child observed developing a tendency towards isolationism and introversion;

-When another adult informs the coach or another member of staff that a child has been mistreated;

-When a child informs you of ill treatment to themselves or close peers.

Suggested course of action when confronted with a possible child abuse situation:

1) Always treat the matter seriously and inform the CWO

2) React to the child with belief to what he/she tells you

3) Reassure the child

4) Tell only those who need to know eg The Club Welfare Officer

5) Monitor the child carefully and keep an accurate record of what you have noticed and what you have done. Include dates and times and ensure this is shared with the CWO.


1) Promising to keep the matter secret

2) Contacting parents

3) Do not interrogate children (it is not your job to investigate the matter)

4) Do not speak to anyone about whom allegations are made, even if the allegations are about a colleague.

All members of staff at Old Parkonians Football Club must also be aware that they may be prone to allegations of child abuse.

In light of this never engage or be party to the following:

-Striking a child directly or with physical object;

-Shaking, shoving, spanking and other form of aggressive physical contact;

-Punishment from a child by another child or group of children, condoned by or at the instigation of staff;

-Requiring or forcing a child to take an uncomfortable position such as squatting, bending or standing against the wall;

-Requiring or forcing a child to repeat physical movement unless as part of their behaviour programme and therefore not punitive;

-Harsh, humiliating, belittling or degrading responses of any form including verbal, emotional or physical;

-Deprivation of what the child is entitled to or what is necessary for proper development care or treatment, including but not limited to food and shelter;

-Extensive withholding of emotional or structural response;

-Placing or keeping a child in a locked room;

-Requiring the child to remain silent for long periods of time;

-Mechanical or excessive physical restraint;

-Assignment of unduly physical, strenuous or harsh work;

-Try to avoid being alone in a vehicle with a child.

Useful Contact Details:

-Old Parkonians Football Club Club Welfare Officer:

Kris Wharton


-Child Line (Free phone) 0800 1111

-NSPCC Child Protection Helpline (Free phone) 0800 800 500

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